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dickericons's Journal

Cintia Dicker Icons
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welcome to dickericons the first and only livejournal community dedicated to Cintia Dicker graphics. This community is now open for everyone to post their graphics, I just hope the rules will be followed.

1. All posts must be made friends only. if it isn't, I will have to reject your post and you will have to do it again.
2. No hotlinking! This means to save the graphics you want to your computer. It's really frustrating for the makers and other members when the graphics won't show up.
3. You must always credit the maker and follow their rules. Don't credit dickericons, credit the person that posted them.
4. Please just post three teasers icons! Please post your graphics within the community, not a link to a different community. Of course you can plug your community with your post, I would just prefer if the Cintia graphics were posted here in full.

none yet.
If you want to be affiliates, please comment here. I'm only accepting fashion, model, and/or icon journals at the moment.

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